公司2006年通過了ISO9001體系認證,2012年通過了ISO/TS16 949質量體系認證。2014年成為中國彈簧協會理事企業。



Ningbo Mingli Spring Co.,Ltd was established in 1986. the company is located in East-Cixi lndustrial Zone.speci- alizes in design and manufacturing spring products, mainly for household appliances, electrical, chemical, refrigeration, telecommunications and automotive industries, serving m- ore than 600 domestic and international customers.There are more than 300 employees,20 years professional expe- rience and daily production capacity of 40 million,response for the customer at any time,adhering to the business co- ncept of "always think for the customers "and valueof "pra- gmatic , share and beyond " , we are committed to achieve sustainable development with customers together

We have passed lSO9001,lSO/TS16949 quality system certification ,and we become the director of the enterprise Chinesespring association in 2014.

ln past five years , the company's mold spring R/D de- sign and manufacturing tear always focus on supply high quality Japanesestandard product to domestic and foreign markets,our R/D design and manufacturing capability have been reached theleading domestic level and completely a- chieve the fully automated production line.

We sincerely hope : you us work together,sincere                                        cooperation common development!

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