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公司擁有1個測試實驗室,40餘台各類彈簧專用檢測設備,具備彈簧産 品尺寸、拉壓、 抗張、疲勞、鹽霧等全自套的自主測試能力。品質管 控人員比例超過15%,平均工齡超過3年。 公司秉承“一次做好,次次做好,追求更好”的質量方針嚴格按照ISO 9001及TS16949體系标準開展各項品質控制工作,
Our company have one test lab , 40 sets special measurement testing the spring dimensions,tension and compression,tensile fatigue , salt spray , ect . we also have more than 15% QC , the average of working time over three year . The principle of the company is do everything right the first time , do is best each time , never stop trying to get better . The company strictly improve the quality and company regulation.
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